Monday, December 17, 2007

Our Endless Numbered Days

For future reference I borrow a lot of titles from bands this one is from the band Iron and Wine. Its the name of one of their albums. Its stellar.

For the past year I have been waiting for life to get going already. I have felt left behind and like I was missing out. I have come to realize that life was going on all around me and I was passing it by. I had a job that allowed me to have 4 days off every week, and what did I do with those 4 days? Nothing! I was working with an amazing youth group and I was not taking full advantage of that. I was starting some great relationships and I did not take full advantage of all of those. In my self pity I was letting life pass me by. I was waiting for life to begin, but what I really needed was to just begin living life. So I encourage you, don't let life pass you by. Take full advantage of opportunities, and relationships. Don't compare your life to others. God put you in the place that you are in for a reason. He does not make mistakes. Thanks for reading this. God Bless.

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